Mr. Millie


I pause at the kitchen window as I put my bowl, freshly cleaned of any trace of yogurt by Surry and the boys, in the sink and smile.

Mr. Millie leads the way. Vera just a step behind. He clucks and stops a couple of times to grab a bug or a piece of grass that was just too enticing. Vera strolls on out the back gate. She has business to attend to and while she is most appreciative of the escort she is not inclined to wait for him. Millie jerks his head to the side and runs into the chicken yard after her pausing so she can make her way into the run first. I see her dark black figure move slowly up the ladder to the coop. Millie just stretches his head high enough to see in. Satisfied that she is settled in to lay, he rummages around the straw of the run and then forages in the chicken yard for a few minutes before returning to the main yard.

Mr. Millie and his main squeeze

A couple of months ago, when I realized Millie was going to hop the fence anyway, I started opening the gate to the main yard for them on weekends. Thus, they spend much of their time up by the house and under the deck unless I come out and then they go wherever I go. But when Vera gives the signal, off they go, hand-in-hand if they could be.

Chickens were at the top of the list when I began this homestead adventure, but if you had told me back in March when I brought those little fluffballs home how much they would entertain me and amaze me every day. I would have thought you were nuts and add to that the fact that the sweetest little chick turned out to be a feisty red rooster whom I absolutely adore…well what can I say. I am a crazy chicken lady now!


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