Favorite Runs


I could feel my right shoe beginning to loosen. Sure enough, I had not bothered to double knot my laces this morning and it had come loose.

Surry and I were close enough to our turnaround point that it could wait.

When I came to a stop, Surry did as she is supposed to do and quickly sat. Instantly the stillness wrapped around me. I didn’t bend down to tie my lace. I just stood, looking out over the dried up soybean field covered in a layer of frost just beginning to glisten under the first hint of morning light.

The trucks of a couple of hunters with metal dog cages filling the bed were tucked into the far corner of the field by the woods.

Barely audible in the distance I could hear the hounds barking. Surry’s ear twitched. She raised her nose to the air and closed her eyes soaking in scents no human could fathom.

There were no cars on the road in the distance on this early Thanksgiving morning. Not even the hint of a breeze ruffled the leaves yet. Only those dogs fleshing out a deer in the distance and the chirp of a bird possibly annoyed by Surry and I’s presence.

Add this to the many reasons I don’t run with music. Had I had headphones in I would have completely missed that moment, a moment that has stayed with me for nearly two weeks since.

So, I encourage you all to take those headphones out, take that data off your wrist and get out there at least once before the year is out and relax, take in your surroundings, really notice and appreciate every sight your runs offer you and remember this is really why we run!

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