My First Year with Chickens – Party Animals


Chickens are messy…and loud!

My chickens are party animals.

I lay in bed, Nerd is sprawled across the width of the bed, rear legs pressing into my back. Surry stretched across the foot of the bed nose to tail, not an inch left for me to straighten my legs. Petey snores softly in the chair in the corner. The chicks sing and dance under the glow of their red disco lamp…it’s 2:00 a.m.

A layer of dust covers the shelves in the shower and the back of toilet and the window sill in the bathroom. I am powerless to keep up with it. Pine shavings have somehow found their way out into the shower stall and have scattered themselves all about the bathroom floor.



Ugh. Whose idea was this anyway?

Then I open the crate and Millie comes rushing over hopping into may hand, ready for snuggles, treats would be nice too, but snuggles are good. She falls asleep in my hand and I sit on the floor with this rapidly growing ball of fluff in my hand.

Adele pops her head out. She has quills of actual feathers popping out of the soft down on her head. I swear those were not there when I left for work this morning.


The Ameraucanas – Gertie and Agnes – are significantly larger than everyone else and can frequently be found bullying everyone and puffing out their chests at each other…hmmmm…this is not pullet behavior…their coloring is striking and at this point they are the prettiest…but with each passing day I grow more and more convinced I have a pair of ornery roos on my hands.

The coop is up, predator-proofed and ready. I just need the nighttime temps to cooperate…the feather babies need to move out!!!!


Millie and Vera got a field trip to check out the coop and enjoy the sunshine for a bit. They earned that trip because Millie is always up to joining Moma wherever she goes. And Vera was the only other chick I could catch without creating a ridiculous amount of unnecessary stress. And now I find it ironic that these are the only chickens remaining from this original flock.

They chirped and cooed and did a lot of listening to this crazy new world I had presented them with.


Yep, one more week, weather permitting…fingers crossed…I will get my bathroom back…and be able to shut down the 2:00 am nightclub.


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