And It Happened Again



No music this morning, just my best running buddy, who thankfully is as out of shape as me, which made today’s run a more appropriate comeback run.

Keeping with the no data – thus no pressure – plan for a while, I didn’t even put on a watch today. We headed out at an easy pace, stopping upon Surry’s request, for the most part. She was dragging the final mile, and feigning some unnecessary pee stops. Amazingly her energy level got a boost when we saw a cat or some free-ranging chickens!

Every single time I take this girl running with me I am filled with joy. She is absolutely the most amazing running buddy ever. She matches any pace I desire. It is so clear she is having a blast. Settles in by my side and glances up at me when I mention something to her, interested in everything I have to say, which is one of the reasons I never run with music when I have her with me.

1. I talk to her through most of the run, and

2. I want to be aware of everything going on around me and ready for anything that might interest or startle her, including traffic.

Nothing really remarkable about today’s run other than the fact that it happened! Legs felt surprising OK given yesterday’s adventure. What hurt today were my feet – I need new shoes. The legs didn’t start to rebel until the final mile, but nothing crazy. In the past I wouldn’t have allowed myself to run two-days in a row after a long lay off, given my health issues. I think it might be time to do a little rule-breaking this time around.

Even if it sucks, I never regret getting out there…at least not today!

And then the afternoon, at least for her, looks like this!

Happy Saturday!



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