Should Have Waited

We have rain headed our way and not a little bit either. Like once it starts it may not stop, like ever, or at least until Sunday.

I’ve never been one to shy away from running in the rain. I actually find it quite enjoyable at times. But running in the pouring rain and then returning to my office completely drenched didn’t seem to be the best of plans.

The humidity out this morning was 72% – which falls into the tropical and oppressive category. I know this because Jeremy Wheeler of WAVY TV told me so and because I broke a sweat feeding and watering the chickens at 6:30 a.m.

Heavy clouds were moving in around 11:45 a.m. but no rain yet, so I took that window and headed out the door. Those wonderful thick gray clouds I saw out my window as I left my office parted by the time I got out to the parking lot and I was blasted with a hot midday sun. Ugh. Surely the clouds will take back over soon.

I ran for 40 minutes and I watched the clouds move all around and stack up against each other forming a near perfect circle around the sun, but never impeding its ability to roast me. Seriously!? Double ugh.

Mental toughness day. My head started reminding me I used to be tough. Where is that woman? Where is the woman who would finish a cycling TT willing her thighs to burn right off? Where is the woman who picked off targets by the handful and never let anyone pass her in a trail 10K even though one lung had surely exploded a mile ago and the second one was about to go?

Well, that was 6-plus years ago…

Stop looking back…be patient…this is now…and hey, you’re out here.

I returned to the office as drenched as I would have been had I run in the rain, but a lot more miserable. There were no pickups on the return trip or when a certain song came on. Today the songs just kept me from slowing down.

Today’s musical notes:

Out the door with Natasha Bedingfield’s Pocket Full of Sunshine (maybe it’s her fault)

Greensky Bluegrass’ Road to Nowhere kept me from turning around too soon

And my man TJ (Osborne, in case you are wondering) got me back to the office with Shoot From the Hip.

ON another note, I did run during the weekend, a long-for-the-current-state-of-being run with Surry on Saturday morning. Again it was warmer than it has been and I pulled a trick on both of us by turning right instead of left at the end of the road forcing us into a longer loop. I’m the type of runner that if I have a loop I’ll take that and get it done instead of the out-and-back even if it is shorter.

Legs felt good and my running buddy was great as always, settling into a nice easy run – well as easy as these comeback runs can be for the first month or so of the return.

We did our short loop on Sunday at roughly the same time I ran today for various yard work, chicken tending and Mother’s Day reasons. And much like today I was blasted with sunshine, but much more reasonable humidity levels…we were both still toast at the end.

That Sunday run would not have happened had it not been for that gorgeous four-legged athlete who never lets me down when I pick up those shoes.

And now…it pours…


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