Friday Run Notes

Clearly I have lost all of my clout in this town.

I saw half a dozen other runners out on the boardwalk today and I smiled and waved at them all. Do you know NOT A SINGLE one of them acknowledged me! In fact they looked horrified that I dare to presume that because we are all out running we share some kinship – silly me, I do think that – and how dare I be friendly.

Clearly they do not know who I am. I mean when you see the Red Hammer out running and she smiles and waves at you, by golly, you smile and wave back! I promise your run would have been better for it! I’m going to chalk it up to the fact that seeing me running on the boardwalk is still a bit out of the norm…my more natural habitat lies deep in the trails of First Landing State Park.

All of the above said with tongue firmly inserted into cheek…

To the folks in the silver Dodge RAM who stopped at the intersection of 26th and Pacific to let me cross the street, you couldn’t possibly be locals, and I greatly appreciate your courtesy!

Thanks to the city for turning the water fountains on. Reportedly the foot-washing stations were the only thing turned on a couple of days ago.

Favorite sight of the day…watching the girl canter her leggy bay horse up and down the beach.

Musical notes:

Pink’s Perfect got me headed down the road.

Full confession, there was a little bit of manipulating the shuffle today so that the songs better matched my mood and pace, so there was a fair amount of skipping to find something I wanted.

Disturbed’s version of The Sound of Silence was perfect under gray skies along the boardwalk.

Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child O’Mine got me down the worst part of the return trip to the office.

Steep Canyon Rangers Stand and Deliver (Miss Chicken’s just happy that she ain’t been fried – I mean how could I not love this song) brought me back to the door.

How’s that for some variety!


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